About us

Alcochem Hygiene

started in mid-2005 to produce a range of professional non-chemical pest control products for the global market. The HQ is located in Nijkerk (Netherlands) and there are established sales offices in the NETHERLANDS, CHINA, RUSSIA and SPAIN.

Alcochem Hygiene currently operates in over 85 countries worldwide.


Development, innovation, production, and logistics are key disciplines of Alcochem’s competences and has allowed the company to serve various industries. Operating around the globe, Alcochem Hygiene has built up an extensive network, that offers innovative and high-quality products to the market.

Mission & Vision

Since the world is changing constantly we believe that we need to adjust to these changes and have an open mind towards new opportunities, cultures and developments. We highly value the fact that we want to have pleasure in our work; it implicates however that we need to make choices. These choices are based on creating a promising and healthy group of companies and with that a stable base for the future of our activities.

F – Financial healthy
U – Unity
N – Ability to say NO

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