POWERLIGHT spare battery Li Ion 3400 mAh Dual, Dual II, UV 18650

Our 18650 batteries have been developed in collaboration with Panasonic and are very powerful with 3400 mAh.

these batteries are recommended for the POWERLIGHT inspection lights with these batteries the factory specifications of the POWERLIGHT inspection lights can be guaranteed.

Also, they are universal to use in anything that fits a 18650 battery
So if you want to give your equipment a boost in power, these are the batteries you are looking for.

price per piece.

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PDL POWERLIGHT 18650 batteries

Developed together with Panasonic, our 18650 batteries are very powerful at 3400 mAh.

These batteries are recommended for the  UV / DUAL / DUAL II POWERLIGHT, With these batteries, the factory specifications of the POWERLIGHT inspection lamps are guaranteed.

Price per piece.


Model Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Type 18650 Battery.
Power 3400 mAh
Nominal voltage 3.7 V
Dimensions 70 x 18 mm / 2.75 x 0.70 inches
Weight 50 gr / 1.7 oz
Short circuit protection yes
Optimized power supply scheme Yes
Quality Class A
Reload 1000 x
Guidelines CE / RoHs
Max. Charging power 3250 mAh
Drop test trial Yes (1,2 m / 3,2 ft)
Storage temperature -10 ◦C – +35 ◦C / 14°F – 95°F
Packing quantity Packed by piece
Self-discharge Improved low self-discharge
Producer Alcochem Hygiene & Panasonic

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