UV POWERLIGHT professional UV-A LED flashlight

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The UV POWERLIGHT is a price competitive UV-A flashlight that does what it promises lots of UV-A light!

The UV flashlights produced by Alcochem are equipped with the strongest UV-A LEDs available on the market.
Wondering what purposes the UV POWERLIGHT can be used for read the description below.



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UV flashlightshave been on the market for some time, but often the wrong wavelength was emitted and or the light was just not strong enough.

These problems have been addressed with the UV PowerLight from Alcochem Hygiene. There is a special UV-A LED developed, combining power and efficiency.

Up to 5 watts of concentrated UV-A light is at your disposal, making this flashlight the perfect tool for operational use in darkened rooms, as well as for use in areas with daylight.

UV-A light is known for its ability to visualize traces or items in various market segments:
such as pest control, cleaning industry, health care, laboratories and metal industry,
All inspections where help with UV-A light is desirable.

Where can the Dual II POWERLIGHT be used?

  1. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics market : Detection of dust and hygiene

  2. Cleaning industry: Hygiene inspection of rooms Hygiene inspection of textiles and bedding

  3. Metallurgical industry: Checking of welds

  4. Laboratories: detection of chemical residues and particles

  5. Food inspection : Mycotoxin detection on seeds, nuts, (dried) fruits, vegetables and grains It should be noted that not only food products can be carriers of mycotoxin forming fungi. Buildings and equipment can also be a source of contamination (Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Alternaria)

  6. Oil and gas industry : Inspection of pipes

  7. Safety professionals : Verification of authenticity Stamps, banknotes, credit cards, phone cards, diplomas, official certificates (also for collectors of stamps and (postal) money)

  8. Medical world : Hygiene inspection of areas such as operating rooms

  9. Fire brigade: Traces of arson

  10. Pest controllers:Detection of rodents (whether or not in combination with feeding blocks for rodents, carried out with a UV tracker and bedbugs.

  11. Geology: Research stones, minerals and fossils

  12. Woodslamp: Skin diseases and ringworm detection(tinea)

  13. Police detective : Tracing and tracing blood traces and body fluids, tracing SmartWater

  14. Police / Mobile unit / Military police : For the detection of SmartWater, SelectaDNA and other signature sprays, tagging spray

  15. Hunting : Blood, sweat, tracks

  16. mechanic/installer : Detection of air conditioning and other leaks (with fluoridating liquid)

  17. Art restoration : Restoration and examination of (old) paintings, papers, books and ceramics (also an indication can be given about the age of print paper)

  18. UV lacquer drying: For quick drying of UV car paint, clear coat, primer, filler, resin and glue (also for nail polish)

  19. Ceramic industry : Detecting hairline cracks in ceramics

  20. Clearcoat validation : Clearcoat validation on printed circuit boards to ensure uniform coverage

  21. Hydrocarbons : Detection of hydrocarbon contamination (oil or grease) in an oxygen vessel or connected piping

  22. Citrus fruit quality control : Detection of rotten or damaged fruit

  23. Post-check ultrasonic cleaning : Determine if your object has been sufficiently ultrasonic cleaned

  24. Glass industry: detecting (hair) cracks in glass and (car) windows

  25. Bruising : UV light is used in domestic violence or child abuse investigations to make ‘old’ injuries visible.

  26. Hand hygiene training : learn the best hand washing techniques in combination with uv lotion/soap

  27. Preventive crop care for vineyards and orchards : After spraying, inspect the density and coverage via added fluorescent dye

  28. Egg inspection: Traces of washing or wiping on traces

  29. Riboflavin wash cycle validation : Validate the wash sequence of containment insulators used for dosing of toxic/active products

  30. SmartWater detection : Checking if SmartWater, SelectaDNA is correctly applied or detecting objects with this paint

  31. Detection of particles before coating : Checking that parts are dust-free before spraying/lacquering

  32. Cleanrooms: Detection of particles