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HAF filter + UV-C lamp PL-L AIR 160 Aetaire year set

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Year set for the AIR 160

in this set you will find everything you need for a year’s maintenance of your Air 160 unit.

4x HAF filter AIR160 (2.25.1150)
1x UV-C lamp 60 W Philips (2.25.1050)

Maintenance interval Air 160 :
Change HAF filter 1 x per season 4 times a year
and replace the UV-C lamp once a year**

**As we all know, there is still little or no awareness of the fact that UV-C light deteriorates over time and, as a result, lamps are not replaced or are replaced too late. As a result, an Air 160 will work less well or not at all.

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Signify/Philips 60 W UV-C lamp

The replacement lamp for the Air160. This should be replaced annually to ensure that the air cleaner continues to function properly. Phillips Signify UV-C lamps are the best on the market and have the highest UV-C output.

HAF filter

By using an electrostatic charge, HAF filters can achieve twice the efficiency of washable foam. They attract and trap more particles and therefore retain more than traditional filters.

Maximum removal performance

An Aetaire HAF filter keeps the disinfection chamber of the AIR 160 cleaner, guaranteeing optimal disinfection. In addition, the open channel structure of the filters has minimal airflow resistance.

With a HAF filter, you get maximum dust removal and maximum airflow to handle more volume.

Resistant to fungal growth

An Aetaire HAF filter contains an antimicrobial agent that prevents mould growth on the surface. The warm Air160 classic disinfection chamber prevents the filter from becoming a mould colony.

This is quite possible if foam or paper filters are used.

Aetary HAF filters are specially designed to block almost all particles in the air. This filter technology is perfect for preparing the incoming air for the next step:


The HAF filter was specially designed for the AIR160 classic and guarantees a long and trouble-free service life. Cleaning the HAF filter is an easy and simple job, as is replacing this filter.

The open channel construction of AETAIRE HAF Filters offers low resistance of the airflow, while its unique microstructure and electrostatic charge, effectively capture and retain particles. Antimicrobial: inhibits the growth of mould and mildew on the filter medium. Be aware that mould and mildew can grow on the trapped particles that accumulate in the filter.

An ionisation unit is installed in the Air 160. It introduces negative ions into the air. Negative ions can be found in outside air but often little in inside air. These negative ions cause very small particles in the air to be drawn together and clump into slightly larger particles. This makes them easier to remove by the HAF filter the next time they pass through the Air 160 and further contributes to reducing viruses and bacteria in rooms.

Please note that it is better to replace a filter than to clean it yourself.

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Welcome to Firstelementsstore.com! Have any questions? We're standing by to help!