ASTRON UV lamp 45cm 15W T8 TL – AST15WTL for insect trap

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ASTRON15 W T8 TL UV-A lamp for fly control
Price per piece – AST15WTL

In places where food is prepared or stored it is better to opt for a sleeve lamp, these can not lose glass if broken due to a protective plastic layer over the lamp, interested in a sleeve 15w UV lamp click here

Length of lamp including pins 45.5 cm / 17.51 inches

Estimated delivery time 1-3 working days

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ASTRON 15 W T8 TL UV-A for Electronic fly killer 

ASTRON lamps are collaboratively developed and manufactured by the Eindhoven-based lamp giant.

ASTRON is the Greek word for “Bright Star", and that is exactly what these lamps offer. The ASTRON UV lamps provide a reliable UV output.


Power 15 watts
Length Lamp 45.5cm / 17.51 inches including pins
Package Contents 1x Fluorescent lamp
Drop test proof No
Hygiene standards No

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