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Which horsefly traps does this hood fit on?

Fits the following models of horsefly trap, we do mention that this hood is originally for an H-trap.

“VOSS.farming: Tabanus-Trap, Tabanus-Trap Edge, Tabanus-Trap easy, Delta-Trap, HorseFriend"

Why spare parts are better than buying new:

Spare parts are cheaper than buying new ones, which saves you money!

Spare parts are better for the environment Instead of producing and transporting a new trap, it is better for the environment to replace only the part that has failed.

Biodiversity friendly green funnel

Most horsefly traps are equipped with a white funnel.

Many flying insects are attracted by UV-A light, and among these insects, the bee is also present. Bees can see the reflective (UV-A) light from the white funnel from a great distance, and thus it has a great attraction. These bees can therefore easily end up in the funnel and ultimately in the collection box.

As a result, a large amount of bees could end up in the collection tray of the daze trap. There is a growing awareness in the market about the bee population in Europe. Pesticides have had a dramatic impact on the bee population, which has since been cut in half. It is therefore important to prevent the attraction of beneficial insects by a horsefly trap, such as the bee. It is therefore important to see that the attraction of beneficial insects by a horsefly trap, such as the bee, is prevented.


To ensure that a horsefly trap does not attract beneficial insects, the colour of the funnel is green. The colour green is known to reflect little or no UV-A light from its surface. This makes the horse trap virtually invisible to, among others, the bee.


The horsefly trap should be a selective trap, with little or no attraction to usable insects. By making the colour of the funnel green, we make the horsefly trap invisible to a large group of beneficial insects and prevent bees, among others, from being attracted and caught in the horsefly trap.

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Hood / Funnel / Hat spare part horsefly trap

Is the funnel of your H-trap / Tabanus horsefly trap worn out? Buy the replacement part for your horsefly trap here!

So you can benefit for years from your original purchase!

If you have any questions about this product, please contact our team, and they will be happy to answer all your questions!

Are you looking for a spare part for your Alcochem Hygiene product, Firstelementsstore.com can supply many parts, after all, repair is better than replace. Send us a message, and we'll see what we can do for you. Read here our blog on why repairing is better!

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