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Cockroaches nuisance

Cockroaches can cause a nuisance. They can damage your belongings, transmit disease and generally make you feel unhygienic if they are present in your home or office!

After intensive scientific research, the Insective cockroach trap XL is designed to attract German cockroach and Oriental cockroach. (Blattella Germanica, Blatta Orientalis)

The trap does not contain a potentially hazardous substance. The lure is safe for humans and pets and is based on food-safe products. After use, the trap can be put in the household waste. The product contains no insecticides.

How the cockroach trap XL works

The Cockroach Trap XL contains glue.
You remove the protective layer of the glue. Then place an enclosed tablet of lure in the trap. This lure attracts cockroaches to the trap and here they are then caught in the glue.

Where is the cockroach trap XL best placed

In households/small offices, traps should be placed in places where the insects show up frequently. These are usually places where food remains are found or where the insects have access to storage areas with food. The insects also tend to stay in places where there is access to water, for example next to water pipes, which are often covered in condensed steam. The traps are best placed against a wall in the corner of a room, provided this is a place where insects are often seen. One trap is effective up to 20 m² of the room.

Locations where the insects reside may include:
Near ovens, refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, dishwashers or extractor hoods. They also hide in or behind kitchen drawers, kitchen worktops and kitchen cupboards. Close to a heater, they also like it
In cupboards and cracks or crevices in the wall and near water pipes

In ceilings, walls (loose wallpaper), under loose floor tiles and behind window and door frames, behind skirting boards, in drains and ventilation systems

Lifespan of the Cockroach Trap XL in use:

The Insective Cockroach Trap XL remains effective for approximately 30 to 60 days, after this time the efficacy of the lure decreases and the trap will function less well or not at all.

Preferably, move the trap as little as possible once it is in place. If you do not see results after a few days, it is possible to move the trap to a better location.

Long-lasting success.

After using the Cockroach Trap XL, it is necessary to take the following steps for long-term success. The Cockroach trap XL trap helps in perfectly locating your nuisance problem. You can then take the following steps on this:

1. Ensure good ventilation. Cockroaches are very fond of warm and humid environments. Therefore, ensure good ventilation and airflow in areas where nuisance occurs. Solutions may include turning back your heating in winter, opening windows and vents, installing additional ventilation grilles or installing fans, air purification units, moisture absorbers or air conditioning systems.

2. Clean rooms well and keep rooms clean, don’t give cockroaches a reason to be in your space. Even a small drop of oil or grease can keep a cockroach alive for weeks. Make sure you clean your kitchen thoroughly, and also remember to clean behind and under your cooker, fridge and other appliances.

3. Seal seams and gaps in rooms and protect vents. After you read the cockroach trap, it is advisable to seal the seams and cracks of the room where the most nuisance occurs. By sealing seams and cracks, you block the insects’ passage and prevent insects from entering the room. It is also advisable to seal ventilation openings with, for example, Nylon netting or cloth. Make sure not to block ventilation with this.


Lifetime trap36 months (in packaging)
Material Cardboard
Poison-free Yes
Application Blattella Germanica and Blatta Orientalis (German cockroach and Oriental cockroach)
Operating temperature +5 °C to + 40 °C
Lure efficacy 30 to 60 days after placement
Operating environment Indoors
Packaging contents 4x Cockroach trap XL with attractant
Storage temperature Max 25°C

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