10 pieces Flyzone XL fly trap outdoor – fly bag up to 40,000 flies

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The Flyzone XL  Fly trap captures most common flies including houseflies, stable flies, blow flies, blue and green flies.

In the Flyzone XL  Fly trap contains an attractant that flies find irresistible. This attractant consists of food ingredients and (food) flavourings, generally recognised as safe substances. The lure dissolves when mixed with water, this mixing takes place in the Flyzone trap itself.

Aangetrokken door de geur, zullen vliegen de val binnenkomen, en afgevangen worden.

Where to use?

The Flyzone is intended for outdoor use. It ensures that the population of flies is greatly reduced before the flies become a nuisance in the environment. It is advisable to hang the trap at a distance of at least 15 m

Unique features and benefits:

The attractant dissolves quickly and is activated when water is added to the bag
The Flyzone design prevents you from touching the flies.
The Flyzone trap allows flying insects to quickly fly into the trap, but once inside, escape is simply not possible.
The Flyzone can be treated as non-chemical waste.
Catches up to 40,000 flies.
Resistance buildup by flying insects is simply not possible; therefore, Flyzone continues to work effectively even in long-term deployment.

Recommended locations for Flyzone deployment include:

Around poultry, pigs, sheep, horses and cows stables. (always ensure good ventilation when used indoors)
Near rubbish bins, waste containers or landfill sites.
Near a compost heap.
Around or on a campsite, at a reasonable distance from the pitches and terraces.

When can the Flyzone be used?

The Flyzone can be used during those times of the year when flies are a nuisance.
This is usually in the period from March to October.


Capture capacity Up to 40,000 insects
Use Outside / in stables with good ventilation
Poison-free Yes
Package Contents 10x Flyzone XL

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