Glueboard insect trap Flex-trap 45

Alcochem Hygiene
SKU: 2.06.4500

Glueboard Ft 45 insect trap – black

Dimensions 43 – 43.5 x 13 cm / 16.9 – 17.1 x 5.1 inch

Package 10 pieces


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Natural product – non-chemical. Non-toxic.

The adhesives used for the boards are designed with specific and special properties to trap insects under different conditions and for a long time by minimal contact and weight.

Designed to catch insects with minimal and light contact, with the glue applied to Alcochem boards. it is perfectly resistant to various temperatures between 0 and 75 degrees Celsius without affecting its effectiveness.

It is a resistant and durable board that does not deform over time. The glue boards of the i-trap 100, 120, 125 light trap are easy to install and should be replaced regularly for efficiency. Perforated plate allows discreet positioning.