Insectron 300 CE LED: Stainless steel powerhouse against Insects

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The Insectron 300 CE LED

Do you want to get rid of flying insects naturally and effectively? Meet the Insectron 300 CE LED, a long-lasting solution that attracts insects using UV light and then kills them off on a centrally placed high-voltage grid. This high-quality Insectron unit is designed to catch away large quantities of insects and is also extremely low-maintenance.

With a range of as much as 300 – 400 m², the Insectron 300 CE LED guarantees effective performance.

What really sets this Insectron unit apart is its robust stainless steel casing. This not only guarantees durability, but makes the device suitable for use in the agricultural sector. The Insectron can take a beating,

And that’s not all – Insectron offers an unrivalled 8-year warranty on all their devices. This is the longest guarantee on the market and reflects confidence in the durability and quality of the Insectron 300 CE LED

Opt for a chemical-free solution and say goodbye to annoying flying insects. Choose the Insectron 300 CE LED – your partner in natural insect control

Energy friendly

The name of the unit gives it all a but the Insectron 300 CE LED contains LED lamps.
LED has 2 major advantages!

The lamps last longer, the lamps of an Insectron LED unit last 3 years on average.
A regular fluorescent lamp has no appeal after just 1 year.

Surely the biggest advantage is that the Insectron LED units consume much less power.
If you compare the LED variant to the conventional fluorescent variant, the savings are a whopping 69 watts.

Ceiling mounting

The letter “C" in the name stands for “ceiling mounting", meaning that the Insectron 300 CE LED is ceiling-mounted. This approach allows the unit to be positioned in the most optimal spot, without hanging in the way. This also applies to situations in, for example, stables or agricultural sites, where wall space is often limited. That can make ceiling mounting extremely convenient!

Collection tray protection

The collection tray is protected with the help of an anti-air strip. This ensures that insects stay neatly in the collector and do not end up next to it. Moreover, the high-voltage grid is limited to 3200 volts. This is designed to prevent insects from ending up next to the collection tray.


Model name 300 CE LED
Dimensions LxWxH 63 x 43,5 x 20 cm / 24,8 x 17,1 x 7,8 Inch
Installation Ceiling
Poison-free Yes
Surface coverage 300 – 400 m²
Connection 230V/240V (50Hz)
Catch medium High-voltage grid
Lamps LED UV-A 4x 6,5W
Consumption 51W
Plug type EU plug (other versions by arrangement with manufacturer)
Protection class IP 54
Use for catering No not catering suitable
Material Stainless steel and flame-retardant ABS
Warranty 8 years
LED variant available Yes available on request
Wall mounting available Yes available on request
weight 11 kg / 24 lbs

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