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How does the S-Trap work?

Silverfish are very clever critters and perceive any change in their environment. Hence, it also takes several days for the silverfish to consider the trap safe. Once the silverfish enter the trap, they are caught in an adhesive strip.

Inside the S-trap there is an included tablet containing a natural bait, allowingsilverfish are attracted. This tablet is harmless for children and pets. Attracted by the lure, silverfish will be caught after a few days.

Where to use?

The S-trap is intended for indoor use.

Place traps in damp areas, such as: toilets, bathrooms, kitchens. cellars and attics

Instructions for setting the trap (text packaging)

The insect trap should be placed on a level and flat surface.

a. Open the trap and remove the tablet containing the lure from the sachet.
b. Press the tablet into the holder at the bottom of the trap (part with the curved openings) and close the trap:
c. Druk het tablet in de houder onderaan de val (deel met de gebogen openingen) en sluit de val:

Lifetime (when the trap is in use)

The lifespan of the trap is limited by a certain degree of quality reduction of the tablet containing bait. For a good catch, the trap should be replaced every month.

The bait in the trap and the recognition of the trap, should be perceived by the insects as a safe place. Therefore, the trap should not be moved or lifted and should be placed in the same location for a long period of time. The trap will start working optimally after +- 3 days.

The trap does not contain a potentially hazardous substance.
The bait is safe for humans and pets.
After use, the trap can be put in the household waste. The product contains no insecticides.

Long-lasting success.

After using the S-trap silverfish trap 2 pack, it is necessary to take the following steps for long-term success. The S-trap silverfish trap helps perfectly locate your nuisance problem. You can then take the following steps on this:

  • Ensure good ventilation. Silverfish very much like humid environments and dislike draughts. Therefore, ensure good ventilation and airflow in areas where nuisance occurs. Solutions may include opening windows and ventilation grilles, installing additional ventilation grilles or installing fans, air purification units, moisture-eaters or air-conditioning systems.
  • Clean rooms well and keep rooms clean, don’t give silverfish a reason to be in your space.
  • Seal seams and gaps in rooms. After you read the silverfish trap, it is advisable to seal the seams and cracks of the room where the most nuisance occurs. By sealing seams and cracks, you block the insects’ passage and prevent insects from entering the room.

Silverfish nuisance

Silverfish can cause a nuisance and in some cases even damage your belongings!
After years of scientific research, the S-trap is designed to catch silverfish, paperfish and related insects in the best way possible.

The Insective S-trap is therefore effective for capturing: Silverfish, Firebrats, Museum beetles (larvae), Brown carpet beetles (larvae), Psocoptera, Drugstore beetles


Lifetime lure24 months(trap in packaging)
materialTransparent PS, easy to see when trap is full
FeaturesTransparent, hermetically sealable; a stabile exible active adhesive; attractant (attractant tablet)
Placement instructionDirect placement against baseboard or wall
Specific instructionImportant! Placement on an even and smooth surface
Optimal applicationLepisma saccharina (silverfish).
Packaging contents2x Trap 2x Lure

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