UV safety glasses yellow POWERLIGHT protect your eyes against UV-A

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Protect your eyes. For professional UV-A inspections.

Why is it important to use UV safety glasses?

Excessive ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the
human eye. Safety glasses protect your eyes from
this UV light and provides better contrast, allowing
wearers of these glasses can better inspect. To the
danger of ultraviolet rays, the following persons should wear the safety glasses:

1. Operators using UV light for surface inspections.
2. Service technicians, who use UV light for area inspections.
3. Personnel and mechanics usually working in areas where
they are exposed to high UV concentrations.


Function UV protection
UV protection range 280 nm – 410 (UV-A)
UV400 protection Yes
Frame/lens Injected polycarbonate
Dimensions 130 mm*1 x 50 mm*2 x 30 mm*3
Color Yellow
Extendable The arms of the glasses are extendable (about 15 mm) so these glasses can also be worn over regular glasses
Scratch-resistant Yes
Certificaten CE EN166 standard and ANSI Z87.1 standard
* 1 (width – front lens)
* 2 (lens height)
* 3 (width – side lens)

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