Horsefly trap H-trap with biodiversity friendly green cover 10.000 m²

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The H-trap 2022 horsefly trap attracts, traps and thus reduces the nuisance caused by horseflies. The H-trap reduces the mosquito population to an absolute minimum.

Tests have shown that placing the H-trap results in 90-95% fewer horseflies!

The horsefly trap is easy to install and can be set without special tools.

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Protect your horses, riders, and trainers with our professional horsefly trap.

  • horseflies are a constant nuisance, especially in the period May – October. When they feed on blood, their aggressive stings are considered very painful for the animals, such as horses and cows, but it is not a pleasant feeling for humans either.
  • The H-trap effectively controls the numbers of horse fly and will keep it to an absolute minimum on the horses.
  • The H-trap attracts, traps, and thus reduces the nuisance. The H-trap reduces the horsefly population to an absolute minimum.
  • Tests have shown that a 90-95% reduction in the number of tits around the H-stage can be achieved. The tits mistake the centrally placed ball in the H-trap for a large animal and fly towards it.
  • Once they are on this black ball of the H-trap, they will examine it and try to bite it. After this unsuccessful attempt, they will fly away from the H-trap. Because tits are vertical ascenders, they can only fly upwards.
The trap is designed so that this causes them to fly into the collection system through a conical cap and to be guided upwards to the green transparent collection container.


  • It is very important to catch the horseflies before they reach their prey. Therefore, look at the area from where the horseflies attack. These are usually wetter areas (banks, ponds & forest edges).
  • Check at the site whether several H-trap placements are required*.
  • We recommend that the H-trap is installed early in the season (April), but certainly, before the adult horseflies emerge.
  • Check the funnel every week, clean it with soap and water if necessary.
  • Place the H-trap near or in the vicinity of the animals.
  • If the H-trap does not trap sufficiently, place the H-trap in a different position if necessary.
* 1 H-stair in the field is good for up to 5 horses or 10,000 m² (100 x 100 m)


Most horsefly traps are equipped with a white funnel.

Many flying insects are attracted by UV-A light, and among these insects, the bee is also present. Bees can see the reflective (UV-A) light from the white funnel from a great distance and thus it has a great attraction. These bees can therefore easily end up in the funnel and ultimately in the collection box.

As a result, a large amount of bees could end up in the collection tray of the daze trap. There is a growing awareness in the market about the bee population in Europe. Pesticides have had a dramatic impact on the bee population, which has since been cut in half. Het is daarom belangrijk dat we de aantrekking van nuttige insecten door een dazenval, zoals de bij, zien te voorkomen. It is therefore important to see that the attraction of beneficial insects by a horsefly trap, such as the bee, is prevented.


To ensure that a dazen trap does not attract beneficial insects, the colour of the funnel is green. Indeed, the colour green is known to reflect little or no UV-A light from its surface. This makes the horse trap virtually invisible to, among others, the bee.


The daze trap should be a selective trap, with little or no attraction to usable insects. By making the colour of the funnel green, we make the daze trap invisible to a large group of beneficial insects and prevent bees, among others, from being attracted and caught in the daze trap.


  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Weatherproof design
  • Significantly reduces the population of horseflies
  • Anti-rotation pin
  • UV resistant plastic collection tray
  • Easy Installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ergonomic design, leading to user-friendliness
  • Effective and easy control of horseflies
  • 2-year warranty on mechanical parts

Typical locations where horseflies are found include stud farms, cattle ranches, meadows, amusement parks, lakes/river banks, golf courses, gardens & near large bodies of water.